Saturday, October 25, 2008

Find Top Clickbank Products

Finding quality Clickbank products that convert is one part of the riddle to being a successful Clickbank affiliate. The other part is successful marketing.

But for this article I will provide some basic tips to finding Clickbank products that sell.

First, how well is a product selling? If the product is brand new it's impossible to gauge, but if the product has been around a while you can tell by the product's gravity and gravity history. Gravity is not an exact number representing total sales. Clickbank does not give the information away. But it's a general idea of how well a product is selling. I typically look for products with a gravity of between 10 and 100. Any product with a gravity over 100 is obviously a great product, but its more than likely that product is hyper-competitive and getting any marketing traction is going to be somewhere between tough to impossible.

Look for products on the rise. Find a couple dozen new products and track them over the course of two to three weeks. If you see a consistent climb that is evidence the product is selling well, finding a market, and since it's new you know that competition from other Clickbank affiliates will be small. Jump on and ride the wave as long as you can.

What is the return rate? Clickbank doesn't offer this data, but there are few places online you can find it. I personally wouldn't touch a product with more than a 20% return rate. The ideal would be no more than 10%. In rare cases if the conversion rate is high and the commission generous, then a higher return rate might be tolerable. That's up to you to do the math and make sure the numbers gel.

Finally, do research. You may find a product in the Clickbank marketplace that has simply been overlooked or undiscovered. It could have a gravity of zero, but that's doesn't mean the product isn't a winner. Do your research. How much search traffic does that product's niche get? If it's decent, put the product out there in front of prospective buyers and see how it does. You might find a diamond in the rough and have it all to yourself. It happens. When it does, focus on that product and squeeze as much money out of it as possible.

Another way to gauge the worth of an untested product is to look at the pitch page. Is the merchant website professional? Is the text readable? Does the product's pitch make you want to buy? Really, really, really buy? If so, that's a product with potential.

These are just some of the tips I use, they are other ways to evaluate top Clickbank products I will cover in future articles.

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